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Environment and social responsibility


Understanding the significant role of the Jaunmoku Palace (JP) complex, JP is aware of its role in ensuring responsible social and environmental policy, so that the company’s activities ensure the interests of all stakeholders.

JP is aware of the importance of mitigating climate change and sound attitude towards shaping the quality of the environment, and is taking a number of steps to achieve these goals. Awareness is essential. Only information provides progress towards reaching common goals. JP carries out extensive work in the field of information, informing the public about the importance of environmental protection in the provision of hospitality services, explaining the usefulness and sustainability of waste sorting, water and other resource saving, and leading museum education programmes on nature, nature protection and the meaning of nature in human life. JP also participates in Bird Days and the campaign For a Clean Latvia.

JP is a responsible member of Latvian society, which implements this responsibility in several areas in accordance with the interests of society, the traditions of our nation and the close ties with the cultural and historical heritage. An important area of social responsibility is the sustainable management of the cultural and historical complex – the company, balancing the various interests of the society, plans the management of the complex in a way that ensures the greatest possible added cultural and historical value both now and in the future, as well as free public access to these values.

JP implements various activities to promote awareness and respect for the environment:

  • Public education in the field of environmental protection, on topical issues of nature;
  • Preservation of the museum collection for future generations, including it in the joint catalogue of the National Museum and ensuring appropriate storage and exhibition conditions;
  • Preservation and accessibility of the cultural and historical monument, offering a quality range of cultural activities – art, history exhibitions, museum programmes, events;
  • Maintaining and nurturing of national traditions, supplementing existing knowledge and offering new experiences to visitors;
  • Taking part in the Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors, supporting the goals of the association;
  • Implementing activities in accordance with the Environmental Policy Plan, which is based on an efficient and uniform methodology to ensure compliance with the Green Key certification criteria;
  • Carrying out all management activities in accordance with the requirements of national environmental protection legislation, reducing the consumption of electricity, heating materials, water, chemicals, as well as paper and the amount of waste generated, sorting waste in several ways in accordance with the offer of cooperation services;
  • Participating in cooperation projects on the organisation of charity events for low-income persons; creating a socially responsible and safe work environment and treating all employees equally;
  • Provision of charity excursions (free museum visit + excursions) for orphanage children, as well as free museum visits for preschool children; group 1 handicapped persons and their companions;
  • Participation in the “Latvian Honorary Families” movement, offering a discount on museum visits to holders of the “3+ Family Card”, which is a state-run support programme for large families; providing a safe access environment to visitors (warning signs, stands, steps with non-slip surface from the ground floor of the Palace to the museum);
  • Surveillance and inspection of buildings to ensure a safe environment;
  • Regular inspection of park plantations and trees and arrangement of dangerous areas.

JP implements complex accessibility solutions for persons with disabilities:

    • The ramp of the Manor House provides free and convenient access to the hotel for persons with disabilities;
    • The hotel in the Manor House is equipped with a room for persons with disabilities;
    • The walking paths and the park around the Palace are accessible to people with disabilities (hard pavement of sufficient width is provided).
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