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Pond House

Unobstructed rural idyll hosted by the Palace. Ideal for families or a small group of people. On the first floor of the Pond House there are 2 separate rooms, equipped with a small kitchen corner, where you can prepare your own meals, but it is also possible to order them from the Palace restaurant. On the 2nd floor of the House there is a great room, which is suitable for relaxation, small parties, a game night with friends, or a place where up to 10 persons can sleep. The Pond House also has a small balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee or the beautiful view of the Palace.
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Booking Terms

The full Terms of purchase and use of Hotel services are available here.

Jaunmoku Palace Information Centre working hours

  • May 1 – September 30 every day from 8.30 am till 8 pm,
  • October 1 to April 30 on weekdays, Sundays from 8.30 am till 6 pm, on Fridays, Saturdays from 8.30 am till 8 pm.
  • Outside working hours – hotel guests can call to +371 26187442.

Museum opening hours

Every day from  9 a.m. to  8 p.m.
Tel..  +371 26187442


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